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Drill No. 3

Drill No. 2

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Drill No. 1

Senior psychology major, Stacy Veranes orders breakfast at the Student Activities Center on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017, before heading to class.
Despite having a kitchen, Stacy Veranes opts to buy food at the Student Activities Center due to her tight schedule in which she only has short breaks between classes.
Mornings in the Student Activities Center are busy so Stacy Veranes tries to find the shortest queue so she can eat her breakfast and make it to class on time.
Veranes waits on line to pay for her food. Out of the several methods of payment students can use at Stony Brook, Veranes uses the meal points options.
Veranes pays for her meal and receives an 8% discount for using her student ID card rather than other forms of payment such as a credit card.

Drill No. 3

Drill No. 2



Drill No. 1: Nicholas Raffel and Infinite Jest

Nicholas Raffel, a Stony Brook University English major, reads his favorite book, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace for one of his upper-division classes. Raffel frequently visits the Melville Library to read for class.
Nicholas Raffel often holds a pen while reading Infinite Jest, taking notes on what he reads for class. Raffel does this in the event of a possible discussion of the book in class.
Nicholas Raffel pauses to speak to a classmate at the Melville Library, asking for an opinion on a theme in Infinite Jest. The book is well-known for being one of David Foster Wallace’s top novels.
Nicholas Raffel is always able to find an area of peace and quiet in the Melville Library while doing work for class. He is able to get work done as the library can get quite loud.